The Butterfly Project - Self Development Bundle

Creating a calm, confident, happier & peaceful life for you and your family


This Course Includes 4 of our Best Programs

  • Emotional Mastery
  • I Am More Than Enough
  • Self Sabotage
  • Emotional Mastery for Children



  • Children with Less Emotional Outbursts
  • Calmer Children who are able to Regulate their Emotions
  • Calmer Children who are able to Communicate Difficult Thoughts and Feelings
  • Confident Children who will to able to Manage Difficult Thoughts and Feelings
  • Children who can Manage Frustration and the Ability to Face Consequences
  • Children who have Better Boundaries with other children and don't absorb their difficult feelings
  • Happier and More Content Child who can Manage Excitement and Happiness Better
  • Children who can get themselves out of difficult emotions quickly


  • The ability to manage and master emotions...even the difficult ones
  • Gain the grounding you need to succeed in all areas of your life

  • More Confident parenting
  • Feeling like a "Good Enough Parent"
  • No More Second Guessing...Yourself and your skills as a parent
  • Build Quality Relationships with other siblings and family members


  • Peaceful Mornings - No More Waking Up To Anxiety
  • Peaceful Family Time Together without drama and high energy
  • No More Just Keeping the Peace and the guilt that that brings
  • Happy Child - Happy Parent - Happy House

What's Included In This Bundle

** Self Sabotage Workshop **

Learn what patterns and behaviours are stopping you from getting what you truly want in life

Understand the reasons behind those actions

Begin to undo those reasons

Start to live a fuller life


** I am More than Enough **

Get to grips with Limiting Beliefs and Nagging Self Doubt

Realise Your Goals and Aspirations

Get Unstuck and Create a Life that Excites and Fulfills You


** Emotional Mastery for Adults **

Learn how to manage and master your own emotions

Emotional frequencies...what are they ?

Deal with difficult emotions effectively

" Once we are able to master our emotions, especially the difficult ones, we are able to dance through life "



Courses Included with Purchase

Self Sabotage Workshop
Shauna Quigley

Original Price: £40


Time an issue?

This is not a problem as you will have life time access to the course. The course is designed to allow you to complete it in either one day or in small chunks, at your leisure.

You have tried everything...... even therapy!

This course is revolutionary in that it builds a new skill base for both child and parent. It is an holistic approach to change within the family.

Do you Struggle with Emotional Mastery?

Included within the course is emotional mastery for adults to allow you to fully understand yourself - building that skill base.

You prefer to be face to face

The course is video based and in a user friendly platform. It allows you to pause and rewind each module so that you don't miss a thing (unlike face to face)

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Transform Family Life Into One Of Peace and Harmony

Imagine A Life with

  • Children who can get themselves out of difficult emotions quickly
  • Parents who can manage and master their own emotions
  • Feeling like a ' good enough ' parent
  • A happier and more content child who can manage excitement and happiness better
  • A parent who is confident and knows exactly what they want from life
  • A parent who has clear goals and aspirations and the ability to go get them
  • A family that has quality relationships with other siblings and family members
  • No more ' Just Keeping the Peace ' and the guilt that that brings
  • Create a better and long lasting relationship with your child

Your Instructor

Shauna Quigley
Shauna Quigley

Shauna's journey back to her real self happened over a period of a few years. During this time her witness mind observed the source of her suffering and assisted her thinking mind to find and heal the source of that suffering.

Her experience was that you can find a way to bypass the mind's need to sort and label, by using the emotional content within. She used the somatic sensations in her body to guide her to a place of healing.

Shauna witnessed and worked through a series of steps in order to free herself from the pain and turmoil of wounds within. This led her to create ‘The Clearing Method’. The basis of all of Shauna’s programmes.

She is currently practicing as a Person Centred Therapist in her home town of Derry City in Ireland. Facilitating using her own ‘Clearing Method’ has helped thousands of people journey home to their real self. She is both humbled and excited to share her work with you.

A few words from Shauna herself.

“ Hi, my name is Shauna Quigley and it is my firm belief that each and every one of us has an abundance of personal power and a potentially limitless passion for life. In each of us there is a zest, a vigour and a joy for life, often hidden in the undergrowth of our own self-doubt, procrastination and even depression. So why am I so sure of this fact? Well, because of my own life’s experience and the transformational blossoming of those around me who I found to be most broken.

At fourteen years old things changed for me. Some of the most important adults in my life took me under their wing and encouraged me to be my best. Even though I was very young, something inside me was strong and inspired.

I taught myself visualisation techniques and I focussed on success in school as the route for change. With every ounce of my ability I pushed through year on year... The REMEDIAL Student became a GRADUATE; not just once but twice. I graduated with a Bachelor of Business (BA) from Manchester University. Then I graduated from Queen's University (Russell/Harvard Grp), with a degree in Person Centered Counselling (BACP).

The real journey of healing began for me when I took the brave choice to focus and become acquainted with my core beliefs and I say ‘brave’ because it takes courage to face the demons that lurk inside each of us, but it’s essential for the healing process. We all have the instinct to run from these difficult feelings but, to face them, to take them on one at a time if need be, to shine the light on them...that’s the resolution that wins.

My ambition, through my work here, is to provide every 'seeker of wellness' with a tangible and actionable knowledge of the material required to live a life of passion, purpose, personal power and positivity. My programmes are designed to inspire, empower, encourage, uplift and challenge everyone to live their best lives. Wellness is my passion - Your wellness is my life’s purpose.

With power and positivity,

Shauna x

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Are Refunds Available for this Course?
Due to the dramatic price reduction of this course there is a no refund policy

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